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"Buzzing to the Top"

Humble the Bee is like most of us, trying to find out his who, what, when and why of life.

Who am I? What was I created to do? When will it happen? Why me? 

Deep inside Humble believes that everyone has a purpose in life, and are supposed to do great things, but sometimes he cannot see this for himself.  

He has allowed fear, self-doubt, complacency, and negative people to cloud his vision of soaring. 

Sometimes he feels like giving up and other times he feels like going on. There is a constant battle going on in his mind.

Will he sit on the sideline of life and just accept what happens, or will he get in the game and run his race? 

Let us buzz in and see what happens.  (Coloring book included) 

"Buzzing to the Top"

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